1000W Ultrasonic Spot Welder Ultrasonic Generator Cabinet With Transducer and welder head for Plastic Spot Welding machine DEX-3510X (220V,40KHZ)

Usually the product should take about 6–13 business days to arrive your hand after your payment is confirmed

Technical Data
Power supply: 110V (220V), 5A
Maximum power: 1000 W
Matching transducer: DEX35-YH30-1000
Ultrasonic resonance frequency: 28KHz/30KHz/35KHz/40KHz/60KHz
Indoor use, humidity: less than or equal to 85%RH; ambient temperature: 0 ~40 OC
Around the machine should have sufficient space, not less than 150mm or so, in order to dissipate heat and plug aviation plug.

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