110V IGBT DC Inverter Welding Equipment MMA Welding Machine, Portable Welding Machine zx7-200 Suit For Good Weld At 3.2mm Welding Rod, Accepted 4.0mm Rod

IGBT MMA welder adopting advanced single-tube IGBT inverter technology.

Small size. Light weight. High cost-effective.

IGBT MMA welder adopting PWM control technology, Good constant flow performance. Precise control of current. High duty cycle. Continuous welding ability. Auto-adjust thermal arc-starting. Thrust is adjustable.

IGBT MMA welder with New type of real-time temperature detection function. Temperature pre-alarm function. Over-voltage &over-current protection function, IGBT MMA welder Wide working voltage range.

Outstanding adaptability to power waving.

There will be no plug due to plug differences between countries.

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