18 Gauge 50Ft Red Black Hookup Electrical Wire, SIM&NAT 18 AWG Extension Copper Audio Cord Speaker Cable for LED Ribbon Lamp Light

18 Gauge (AWG)
Voltage: 300V
Length: 50ft
Wire Model: RVB
Copper Qty: 28 copper wires. Most other sellers sale this red and black electric wire just having 20 copper

Good Conductivity, Low Heat, High mechanical strength, tensile properties and low resistivity
Copper Conductor – Excellent oxidation resistance. Some Sellers choose copper clap aluminum alloy as conductors, which is bad for anti-oxidation and it will lead temperature rising after oxidation and poor contact even causing the machine to malfunction

Widely Use:
Electronic accessories, various DC electrical hookups including CB Radios, transformer
5050/2835 single color led strip light
Speaker cabling or household appliances
Car stereo installs, LED project on my motorcycle

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