2017 EVERLAST PowerARC 200ST 200amp TIG Stick IGBT Welder 110/220 Dual Voltage

2017 EVERLAST PowerARC 200ST 200amp TIG Stick IGBT Welder 110/220 Dual Voltage – –

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Amazon Price: $399.00 $365.00 You save: $34.00 (9%). (as of February 25, 2018 8:15 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The all new PowerARC 200ST is built with the true professional in mind. With 200 amps of DC Stick/Lift TIG welding power, the compact IGBT inverter welder cuts no corners on performance or design. The unit features E6010 welding capability via a dedicated connection port on the front panel of the welder for use on pipelines, shipyards, construction sites, portable repair jobs and pressure and container vessels, and any place requiring the use of E6010 and related cellulose-based welding rods. For excellent low spatter arc performance on E7018, E7024, E7014 and even stainless class electrodes the unit features another connector port for all other welding rods. In both the 6010 and standard operating modes, the unit feature auto adaptive Hot Start, and auto regulated arc force control, which gives you the a. Although this unit is built for pros who demand the most from their welder, the PowerARC 200ST feels at home, on the farm, or in the hobbiest's garage and features 120V/240V dual voltage operation. Be sure to pick up a gas valve TIG torch and gas regulator if you want to TIG weld with this unit. Check out our 17V series TIG torch and gas regulator located in our accessories section which are ideal for this unit if you need to use the TIG function. Minimum/Maximum: Stick: Minimum 1/16" electrode (120/240V) Maximum 5/32" -3/16" electrode (240V) Maximum 1/8" electrode (120V) (Max electrode size will depend upon type and brand) TIG: Minimum .025" Steel/Stainless (No aluminum)[120/240V] Maximum Single Pass: 1/4" Steel/Stainless (No aluminum) [240V] Maximum Multi-Pass: 3/8" Steel/Stainless (No aluminum) INCLUDES Stick electrode holder with 10 ft cable and 35 series DINSE- style connector Work Clamp with cable Consumable Starter Kit (Tungsten not included) 35 Series Female DINSE Connector

Customer Reviews

This is really a great welder

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 on December 10, 2016
By Farmer Brown
I took about a year to decide on this 200ST TIG / stick welder. I had dreams of becoming a proficient TIG welder now that I am retired and have time to pursue hobby work in my shop. The fact is, however, that I really did not need the TIG function — just a good SMAW welder like I grew up with (except for DC as opposed to the old Lincoln buzz box that my Dad taught me on).

Mean little buggar!

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 on May 25, 2017
By A. J.
I bought this after much research having never been a welder before.

Nice little welder.

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 on November 1, 2017
By Greg
I’m impressed so far. Before buying this I considered a thunderbolt or lincoln tombstone. After reading some reviews and watching some videos, I ordered this one. Glad i did. This thing is tiny and super portable. It has performed very well also. I have burned 7018, 7014, 7024, 6013, 6011 and 6010. All on 240v. All worked really well. Nice arc…and I the machine I am used to costs thousands more than this one. 1/8″ Lincoln 6010 using the dedicated port worked great. No problems striking and maintaining the arc…even on nasty, painted, rusty steel. Burned right through that junk without issue. I have not tried this unit on 120v…i really don’t know why I would either. I dont get some people’s unrealistic expectations from a 120v stick welder….

Best small inverter stick welder

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 on September 27, 2016
By Tyler
Ive only used this unit to stick weld. 6010 and 7018. As far as high penetration rods go, 6010 is boss. This little green machine will run a 6010 rod with ease. I’ve used other big name small inverter machines, and although they are awesome multi process units, they simply cannot keep a 6010 running. You will not find another inverter machine at this price point, with the stick welding capabilities of it. No doubt one of the best small inverter stick welders on the market. Have not TIG welded with it.

Excellent machines

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 on January 10, 2017
By superexcavator
This is the third Everlast machine that I own. I had purchased this unit to use instead of hauling my Miller Trailblazer to the job all the time when power is available to use on the job site. It’s a very sweet machine, it purrs when burning 6010 and spreads 7018 like butter. The unit automatically senses the voltage110/220 and is set to go. I had and still have Lincoln and Miller machines, but I will say these units will do what they are advertised to do and compare easily to the top brands in performance without paying a fortune. I have been using a 250EX for Tig welding about 4 years now and have not had a single issue with it. These units are very well built and reasonably priced.

Great machine.

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 on November 29, 2017
By Amazon Customer
My package arrived ahead of the estimated delivery time and was free of damage. The welder was packed very well with plastic around the machine to keep dust out and foam to keep it from rattling around. The accessory box included a nice and sturdy ground clamp as well as what I would consider a quality stinger. I weld proffessionaly so let’s get to it, how well does it perform? This little guy will blow you out of the water. The arc is incredibly smooth, and would argue that a 7 year old could keep an 1/8 7018 lit and would almost have to try to snuff it out or “stick” the rod more than a couple of times. It works wonders at 220 and in a pinch for mobile work you could run it off of your 110 outlets given there is absolutely nothing but the welder operating on that breaker (tried it off of a 3 way with a grinder as well and instantly popped the breaker). This thing is great, a must have for every shop, professional and hobbiest alike.

Great welder

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 on May 19, 2017
By john
Been welding 40 years, the hot start works good, but wont cause you to blow windows in thin metal. The arc force also works good, you can bury the rod in the molten arc pool and it keeps burning.

Highly recommended for beginners.

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 on June 24, 2017
By Tuff
This is my first stick welder from a quality company. I had purchased a couple of cheap welders earlier (one transformer, and another $130 IGBT based) to learn welding by watching YouTube videos. Those welders could not run 6011 well, and 6010 was almost impossible, as it would stick hopelessly before my IGBT welder got burnt (twice), as increasing the amps was the only way to keep those rods going. This welder runs 6011 like butter with no sticking, and I could keep the arc very tight with the dedicated 6010 ground port. I just used 40 amp, and that was sufficient to weld black 1/2″ pipe to similar thickness metal. I felt safe to draw that much current from my 220 V dryer plug, though 110 V adapter would have been sufficient. I am not sure if I would be using my 7018 rods until I get a 50 amp plug, and needing to weld thicker metal.

man this thing does weld smooth. Technology has come …

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 on January 20, 2018
By MD90
man this thing does weld smooth. Technology has come a long way this thing can run constantly @ 130 and not even break a sweat.

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