220V Microcomputer Dual Pulse Pneumatic Battery Spot Welder Battery

Welding method: AC pulse
Pulse number: 1-5
Energy regulation: 1-999
Electrode pressure: 1-4kg
Electrode stroke: 15mm/0.59inch
Length of welding arm: 70mm/2.76inch
Rated capacity: 3kw
Rated input voltage: AC220V±10%
Rated input current: 10A
Rated input pressure: 0.6Mpa
Secondary no-load voltage: 4V
Secondary maximum current: 5000A
Net weight: 15kg
Outline size: 40*15*31 cm/15.75*5.91*12.2inch
The machine is controlled by 8 bit microcomputer. The welding is reliable and reliable, and the solder joint is beautiful.
Apply to stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy and other similar or dissimilar metal welding.
The principle of pneumatic AC pulse type resistance welding is that the 220V power is changed into low voltage by using welding transformer, and the low voltage and high current are output at an instant, so that the welding workpiece has high temperature and the forging force is reached to achieve the purpose of welding.
Install, join
1. Mounting electrodes
Loosen the electrode locking screw, put the electrode into the corresponding hole of the electrode fixing seat, adjust the electrode height and lock the electrode locking screw.
2. Connecting foot switch
Insert the foot switch joint into the foot switch interface and tighten the nut of the foot switch joint.
3. Connecting gas source
A compressed air connector corresponding to the compressed air interface is inserted into the compressed air interface.
4. Connecting power supply
Plug the power plug into the corresponding 220V/10A socket.
Item included:
220V Air Pulsing Point Welding Machine (151006)

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