5 Feet SS70 Medium 1/4 T. oz Silver Solder Wire Tool for Jewelry Making and Repair

This medium SS70 solder wire measures out to be 5 feet. Contains approximately 1/4 T. oz of Silver. Ideal for soldering jewelry/jewelry making, repair work such as sizing, mounting, as well as assembling components for rings, etc.

Additional Details: • Cadmium Free. • The softer the solder means less content of silver with a lower melting temperature. • Measures approximately 0.32" diameter in thickness. • Melting temperature: 1,275°F (691°C). • Flowing temperature: 1,360°F (738°C) • When working with multiple component soldering, it is recommended to use higher temperature solder material first; following medium, then soft in order to gradually lower the melting point.

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