60-40 Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder Wire Reel Roll for Electrical Desoldering Wick 100g/0.22LB/4OZ 0.6mm/0.02 Inch Flux 1.8%

◆Product Type:Lead
◆Product Weight:100g/0.22 lb
◆Package Weight:106g/0.23 lb
◆Product Diameter:0.6mm/0.02 inch
◆Package Included:1*0.6mm soldering wire
◆Package Size:5.6*2.9*5.6cm/2.2*1.1*2.2inch
◆Product Size:4.58*1.88*4.58cm/1.80*0.74*1.80inch
◆Wetting,conductive,thermal conductivity good,high tin speed.
◆The lead solder joints are bright and firm,and stable performance.
◆With high purity lead tin alloy,the flux content is 1.8%,free of cleaning,the solder is reliable,clean,beautiful,
the the residue is less in welding, the corrosion is melting quickly.

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