A-szcxtop™ Refillable Jet Pencil Flame 503 Torch Butane Gas Welding Soldering Pen

How to Use:
– Slide the switch to on or off.
– Press ball at the end to ignite. Torch ignites automatically, thanks to hi-tech, state-of-the-art piezo electronic ignition system.
– Slide regulator to adjust flame height.
– Draw out the inner-loaded support if necessary.
– Ensure that the switch is off while refilling. Press container nozzle down vertically and into refill opening. Gas will overflow when full.
– After filling,allow a few minutes for gas to stabilize before using.Before igniting, the converter must be kept to the direction of jet flame, otherwise, the lighter cannot be ignited.
– In the process of using, when the converter is kept to the jet direction, it is jet flame, when the converter is kept to the normal flame direction,it is normal flame.

– Flame is invisible in the sun, it becomes harmful when carelessly used.
– The top turns scalding hot in use, Do not touch or push.
– Ensure that the flame is out when put down the Pencil torch.
– Keep away form flammable material.
– Do not place or refill the torch near flame, heater, or flammalbe material.
– Do not place it in the sun or a place where temperature is over 25¡æ.
– Do not keep it in the car in a hot day.
– Use in a well-ventilated place.
– Do not soak it in water.
– Keep away from children.

Package Content:
1*503 pencil torch

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