ALLY Tools Flat Soapstone Holder with 7 Flat Soapstone Pens for Welding and Welders

The IDEAL Tool for Precision Marking

ALLY Tools and Part's Flat Soapstone Holder with Seven Soapstone Pens are excellent for your marking needs. Our soapstone will not contaminate your weld or damage metal surfaces. Quality Holder

Using our Flat Soapstone Holder prevents soapstone breakage and ensures accurate marks. The holder features a non-corrosive channel for easy sliding soapstone and refilling. Brass indexing trigger securely locks soapstone in place on stainless steel construction. Quality Soapstone

Soapstone refills are made of natural white soapstone. They are uniform in texture and size. Will not contaminate welds and easy to wipe off when desired. Convenient and Easy to Use

Our soapstone holder features a practical design that allows one-handed operation. Has a handy pocket clip for easy carrying. Brass trigger snaps into alignment holes easily to achieve your desired soapstone length. PERFECT with the use of gloves. Excellent Value!

Each Purchase Includes (7) refills (A $6 Value).

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