ALLY Tools Large and Small Oxy-Acetylene Tip Cleaner Combo Set


ALLY Tools and Parts Tip Cleaner Combo Set provides the two most common size for tip cleaning, 5" (130mm) and 3" (75mm). Our combo set is perfect for cleaning any nozzle and welding tip. Quality Construction

Wires are made from quality stainless Steel and enclosed in a sturdy aluminum casing. Cleaning Drill/Wire Range

Each tip cleaner has thirteen wire files ranging from 49 to 77 (Cleaning Drill Sizes #6 to #26). Wire file sizes are stamped on the outside of the aluminum casing for easy reference. Convenient

Fits comfortable inside your pocket. Aluminum casing securely holds the wires. Also Included

One flat file in each Tip Cleaner to help clean your cutting torch.

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