Anchor E71t-gs .035″ x 10 (10# Spool) (100-E71T-GS-035X10) Category: Mig and Tig Welding Wires

Bead appearance is not equal to a gas-shielded product, but the benefits of not having to use gas makes this product extremely popular Make sure your power source is set properly for a good, non-porous weld Produces smooth arc action, low spatter, full slag coverage, and easy slag removal Shielding gas is not required All position, single pass, flux cored welding wire designed to weld carbon steel Operates on DC straight polarity (DCEN) Specifications Dia.:1/8 in Length:8 1/8 in Width:8 1/8 in Tensile Strength:70000 psi Height:2 1/2 in

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