Antra Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 10-Pack Inner Interior Cover Lens APX-220-9908 Fits 2XX 160 Filters on Model AH4-220-0219A ATH-4214A AH6-160-0000 ATH-4212A

Fits Model with Antra Antec Electronics 220 AntFi160 filters Fits model: AH4-220-0219A, ATH-4200A, ATH-4211A, ATH-4212A, ATH-4214A, ATH-4219A,or any AHX-220-XXXX helmets. AH6-160-0000 or any AHX-160-XXXX helmets. AH6-260-0000 or any AHX-260-XXXX helmets

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