Argon CO2 Regulators Gauges & 80″ Hose 4 Welding CGA580 Miller Lincoln Mig Tig

Designed for MIG & TIG applications and provide accurate regulation of gas flow.
2" dual-gauges for easy reading.
Accurate measurement of gas.
Brass regulator body.
CGA580 fitting.
ARG/CO2 gauge.
Argon gauge 0 to 4000PSI.
Internal safety pressure relief design.
Plastic adjustment knob for smooth "easy touch" flow settings.
Ideal for commercial, industrial and laboratory applications.

80" Argon hose, fits MIG and TIG welding regulators and flow meters.
Standard 5/8" x 1/8 female fitting commonly found on just about all Miller, Lincoln and Hobart Mig and Tig welding machines.
Hose is 3/16" ID and 5/16" OD, it has 5/8" x 18 male Brass nuts on both ends.
Comes with two black plastic covers at each end.
350 PSIG

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