Keep Small Jobs Small When A Large Spool Of Wire Is Too Much The Universal Welding Wire Spool Adapter quickly adapts most full size wire-feeders and integrated MIG machines to use a 4 inch (1lb or 2lb) spool without altering the standardized 2 inch spindle assembly. It locates the small spool close to the wire inlet guide of the wire-feed drive rolls which promotes a smoother feed of wire. It allows you to use a 4 inch spool for small jobs when the expense of a larger spool of welding wire cannot be justified, i.e. stainless. aluminum. bronze, cored wire, mild steel. For use on full size welders such as Miller Millermatic 212/200/252, Lincoln Wirematic 200/250, Hobart Betamig 200 and wire-feeder such as S22 50/60/70 series LN25 LN9 LN7 etc. Will not fit in small welders designed to use the maximum size of the 8 inch 10lb-12 lb spools. Please watch the video! https://youtu.be/8hveCzDsdbo

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