Big view eara Solar auto darkening grinding polish MMA ARC MIG MAG TIG welder cap helmet welding face mask

Product include:1* solar auto darkening grinding welding mask

1.Filter Size: 133*114*10MM
2.Active view eara:100MM*59.5MM
3.Light shade:DIN4
4.Dark shade:DIN9-DIN13
5.Way to adjust the Shade eara: inside control,stepless adjustment
6.Sensitivity Adjustment: Stepless Control
7.Delay Time:0.1-0.6S,stepless adjustment
8.Power supply: Solar pannal+li battery
9.Rated Capacity of Li Battery:1200mAH
10.Operating temperature:-10 centigrade- 65 centigrade
11.Sensor for Weld: 4
12.Mask material:PA/PP
13.Protect grade aginest UVB:DIN15
14.Low power test:yes
15.Low voltage alarm :yes
16.Grinding function:yes
17.Optical grade:1/2/1/2
18.Arc sensor:4

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