Blair 11094 Premium Spotweld Cutter

The fast, easy way to remove spotwelds in car restoration or auto body repair work.Blair Spotweld Cutters are the Professionals choice for removing spotwelds. They make body panel repairs easy. By cutting around the spotweld and leaving the underlying panel undamaged, the damaged panel can quickly be taken off. The panel can be repaired and welded back on or a new panel be put back on. Blair Spotweld Cutters are used in a regular hand-held drills. Theres no need to buy expensive spotweld guns to drill out spotwelds. So, whether you work in a high-end collison shop or in your garage restoring your dream machine, Blair spotweld cutters will make life easier. Super Fast Cutting Action * Thick wall for extreme durability * Lasts longer than standard spotweld cutters * Precision Ground Tooth Geometry * Use in 3/8 or larger drill chucks * Also available in kits

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