Blow Torch Blowlamp Blowpipe 0.15 Liter Lamp Fuel Petrol Gasoline English Manual

Blowlamp is a liquid- or gas-burning tool used for heating. It produces a much larger softer flame than an oxyacetylene torch and are used for low temperature applications – soldering, brazing, melting roof tar, or pre-heating large castings before welding, such as for repairing cast-iron cylinder heads, and for other direct rapid applications of heat such as in cooking. It cannot be used for welding, but find many other uses, not least because in their simplest form of a disposable canister feeding a hand-held torch they are very cheap and highly portable, and because the fuel is very cheap in comparison to acetylene and oxygen. Blowlamp is simple in design and is easy to use / operate. Technical Specifications Weight: 650 g Container capacity: 0.15 liters Tank diameter: 50 mm / 2.0" Fuel consumption: 0.17 kg/hour Overall Dimensions (mm): 190mm x 170mm / 7.5"x6.7" Fuel: Petrol Mix of petrol (50%) and gas (50%) Package includes: Blowtorch Box Russian instruction English instruction

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