Chemtronics Flux Remover, Flux-Off Aqueous, One Gallon

Flux Off: Aqueous Flux remover is critical to ensure reliable circuitry. The type of flux to be removed, solvent compatibility and ease of application are all factors to consider when choosing a flux remover. Flux removers are available in aerosol, BrushClean System, and liquid form for vapor degreaser, spray systems, ultrasonics, and dip tank applications. Recommended for: post-solder operations, PC boards, sensitive circuit components, component leads, SMD pads, ship carriers, plugs, sockets and heat sinks, thru-hole and SMT devices, screens and stencils, work areas. Safe on plastics Non-flammable Ozone safe Residue cleaned- rosin based: excellent, no-clean SA-synthetic: good Water soluble: excellent Removes white residue Cleaning methods: ultrasonics, immersion, in-line system, benchtop system, rinsing recommended Gallon Hazardous materials must be shipped by ground, and are non-refundable and non-returnable.

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