Economical Oxygen Hydrogen Water Welder Flame Generator Polisher Polishing Machine 55-60L, Single Gun (AC-110±10V)

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Oxyhydrogen flame generator (water electrolyzed oxygen & hydrogen flame generator) is a hydrogen energy hi-tech product.
Based on the principle of electrolyzing water to generate hydrogen, it combines several inventions and innovative technology.
In jewelry industry, it is called "water welding machine" or "hydrogen & oxygen melting / welding machine", while in organic glass industry, it is called "fire-Polishing Machine".

Double cell body,3+3 layers.
Special stainless still.
Total Volume: 2000ml.
Flame Strength: Continuously for 1 C = 0.5 mm fire nozzle, or 1 B = 0.4mm, 1 A = 0.3mm.

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