Flextron FTGC-SS12-24N 24 Inch Flexible Gas Line Connector with 5/8 Inch Outer Diameter & 3/4 x 3/4 Inch MIP Fittings, Uncoated Stainless Steel, Durable & Excellent Corrosion Resistance, CSA Approved

Flextron 24 Inch Flexible Gas Line Connector features 5/8 Inch Outer Diameter & 3/4 Inch x 3/4 Inch Male Iron Pipe (MIP) Fittings. This gas connector is from SS12 series of connectors and is made of uncoated stainless steel. Comes with certified design, Stamp of approval, full length corrugations, strength and flexibility, flared end adaptors. This connector also features a proprietary polymer coating designed to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh household cleaning, plumbing repair and masonry products as well as UV rays and salt. The coating is applied only after the connector has been 100% leak tested to provide the most complete corrosion resistance. The design has been tested on strength and it can withstand an internal hydrostatic pressure of 250 psi or 17 mpa without bursting or showing signs of leaks. It can also endure up to 30 bends without leaks in water at a depth of maximum 2 inches and withstands 15 twists of 90 degrees, without showing signs of corrosion. The connector can handle external temperatures of 800 fahrenheit.

Specifications: Connector Length: 24 Inch Diameter Size: 1/2 Inch Inner Diameter (5/8 Inch Outer Diameter) End Configurations: 3/4 Inch x 3/4 Inch MIP Tubing: Stainless Steel 304 (ASTM A240) Fitting: Zinc-plated Steel S45C Rated Pressure: CSA Certified up to 0.5 psi Rated Operating Temperature: -40°F to 150°F 100% Leak Tested

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