Gas Saver Wedge Collet Pyrex Cup Consumable 3/32″ Kit Fit DB PTA SR WP 17 18 26 TIG Welding Torch 5pcs

Packing Listing:
1 x Wedge Collet 3/32″ Ф 2.4mm
1 x Tungsten Apdapter/Gas Saver 3/32″ Ф 2.4mm
1 x Collet Body(short)
1 x Heat Shield / Silicone Cup Heatshield
1 x Pyrex Cup Heatshield

The PYREX17SKIT fits all silicone rubber 17 and 26 air cooled torches and
18 series water cooled torches. For example, this kit fits the Lincoln
PTA-17 torch commonly found on the Lincoln Precision TIG 175, 185 and 225,
the Miller Diamond Back DB-17 torch found on the Econo Tig,
Syncrowave 180 and 200 welders, the Weldcraft WP-17 torch and basically any other 17,
18, or 26 series Tig torch.
This does not fit torches which have hard plastic torch heads The simple test – if your back
cap is made of the same material as the torch head,
then this will not fit your torch – generally Esab and Linde torches.

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