Handheld Spot Welder Machine for Use in Precision Welding of Batteries

Great for all your precision welding needs. SImply hold the battery in your hand and lift to the needle at the appropriate spot. Each needle is regulated independently for more reliable pressure. This model is specifically designed for use with high-grade batteries such as nickel-cadmium, nickel-hydrogen and lithium batteries. Stable welding current provides for neat spot with smaller sparks free from blackening and eliminates low voltage and moisture oozing on lithium batteries. The single chip microcomputer allows for dual pulse welding and LED display of multiple parameters so setup is simple and accurate. Comes with 1 year warranty!


Power Supply AC 110V 60Hz one phase

Maximum Output Power 3 KVA

Welding Current 00-99%

Welding Current 0-30 A

Dimension 250L x 180W x 200H (mm)

Scope of Application Applicable to various types of 0.08mm-0.13mm soldering lugs

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