Handy Flux 1/2 lb with Flux Brush

All purpose, low temperature flux Handy® Flux is a long lasting white paste type, very durable won't break down from prolonged heat, an all-purpose flux for use in brazing and soldering Gold, Silver, Brass, Copper and other Non-Ferrous Metals. Handy Flux is an active fluoride/borate-type flux which is appropriate for all nonferrous metals and begins to melt and dissolve oxides at 600°F, having an effective temperature range from1100° F-1600° F. Paste formula can be cleaned up with hot water. Handy FluxTM is widely used in Jewelry Making, by Silversmiths, and in Creative Arts. Prior to soldering make sure joints and the solder are clean, flux the full surface area to prevent oxidation and allow for good solder flow, and a good brazed joint. Soldering Note: Clean – Surface & Joint is important and not too much Solder, good even heat over entire joint area. Clean remove oxides and other soldering residues prior to finishing. Paste Made by Lucas Milhaupt Sale is for 1 JAR – Item is brand new, never used in Original Jar

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