Harris HX-3B Inferno Air-Fuel Kit with Quick Connect Acetylene Hose Connections, HA-3i/HA-11i Inferno Brazing Tips and B Tank Connection (Pack of 1)

Harris Inferno air-fuel kit with quick connect acetylene hose connections. Kit includes HA-3i and HA-11i Inferno brazing tips; HQA-4 handle; model 601-15-520A fuel gas regulator; #5 chrome wrench; and 3/16-inches by 12-feet A x A red hose. The revolutionary Inferno kit is designed to provide contractors with equipment that is specially-designed to deliver reliable heat, consistent temperature and a quality flame everytime. Each kit features a Harris fuel gas regulator, Harris air-fuel torch handle, one or two Inferno brazing/soldering tips and additional accessories. Contractors using these kits get a consistent, hotter flame that will engulf and wrap around the work piece for maximum efficiency. The Inferno is unlike anything offered on the market. Durable, long-life design crafted from strong 304 stainless steel tube stock and designed to stand up in the field. Quality, precision manufacturing for consistent production and each tip is tested to ensure a perfect orifice and again to ensure flame quality. Hottest tip, everytime based on exacting standards to eliminate irregular heating, "horns" and other inconsistencies. Proof positive – the perfect flame – the tips are configured to produce reliable and repeatable flame performance and are evaluated using thermal photography techniques. Torch handle: "A" hose connection. Inlet: Tank connection B. Fuel gas: Air acetylene. Length: 15-1/2-inches by 6-1/4-inches by 16-inches.

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