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    Top 10 Hobie Kayak Accessories : #11 Hobie KC Welder Pro
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    Best Welding Systems Reviews 2016
Amazon Price: $59.95 (as of February 25, 2018 12:29 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The KC Welder Pro has an 80 Watt element, flat tip and a 3/16 in. hole in tip for repair rod insertion. Includes a selection of Hobie color welding rods. Fix holes and cracks or customize polyethylene products. Insert the rod into the tip and place against the product to be welded. The tip heats the plastic surface and the rod. As the materials melt, move the tip along the repair area while pushing the rod into the tip to fill the repair area with new plastic material. Plug small holes after moving accessories. Rebuild keels after excessive wear from dragging.

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Customer Reviews

Fixed my old town canoe like a pro!

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 on August 18, 2015
By wes
I bought some green ldpe rod and this little iron to fix some holes in my old town canoe. It worked perfectly! Previously I had bought the old town epoxy patch kit, which has fiberglass material and a two part epoxy. The problem is, nothing sticks to a polyethylene canoe hull. The epoxy patches stayed in place for about 3 years, but started peeling around the edges right away. Eventually I was able to grab a corner and peel them off like an old bandaid. After some reading it looked like welding was the way to go for this fix. The process is very similar to soldering. You need to get the work piece hot and melting and then melt the new material into it and blend it together. After a few minutes working on each hole they looked great and after a few trips to the lake there is no indication that the repair will fail. It’s perfect!

I am glad I bought the Hobie

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 on September 10, 2017
By Ileana
I have never used or seen (other than photos) plastic welders. Initially, I was going to order a cheap Harbor Freight welder. After reading the reviews on both, I bought the Hobie. After using it on several projects, including two small engine fuel tanks, and the aftermarket fender flares of my Samurai, I am glad I bought the Hobie. It is very well built with a heave duty tip. Although not needed, the tendency is to put pressure on the tip which would bend and destroy a cheap welder. The top has a hole for feeding plastic rod, melting the filler rod and providing control in placing the filler. I left the welder on for atleast six continous hours with no negative effects on the welder.

Magic repair tool for your kayak!

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 on November 4, 2014
By –SJ
The magic solution to repairing your expensive Hobie Kayak! The plastic “rods” don’t last long, so plan on ordering additional ones. Easy to use it saved my 13 yr old Hobie tandem … Now as good as new!

I watched some youtube reviews of this vs Harbor Freight’s cheaper unit (that doesn’t last) and I’m glad I decided to go with this

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 on October 7, 2017
I used this to patch a well worn stealth 2000 duck boat that has seen extensive use and been dragged many a mile. I watched some youtube reviews of this vs Harbor Freight’s cheaper unit (that doesn’t last) and I’m glad I decided to go with this. This comes with some stainless screen. I purchased additional stainless screen and hpde welding rod. The rod that came with this purchase had a lower melt temperature than the extra rod I purchased. This made it easier to work with and the color was a perfect match to my boat. But the included supply wasn’t enough to restore my boat and I didn’t care about color on the bottom of the boat anyway.

Effective, but tedious to use.

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 on December 19, 2015
By blekenbleu
It works well for suitably prepared cracks and seams,

Good for the price

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 on October 2, 2014
By gary tanner
Must develop your own technique using both hands. One to feed the rod while welding with the other. First time out my weld wasn’t pretty but it repaired the cracked tank. Water tested for a week no leaks. Bottom line, it proved to be worth buying for the occasional user.

Built for the job.

 on May 4, 2016
By Matthew
Had I known how flexible HDPE was to work with, I would have started sooner! Some projects need plastic, and there is no replacement.

Really nice….!!!

 on September 13, 2017
By Shooter
Once I got my technique down, it was very easy to build up an area on my kayak that I scraped up. I wanted to build it up before I drug a hole in it. Worked great. You should probably practice on scrap before you start your project.

Great welder

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 on May 22, 2014
By Nick G
I had my doubts, but when I used the Welder Pro with the rod stocks I was impressed with the product. I will buy from the seller again.

Well worth it.

 on August 21, 2017
By Stacy H
Very nice. We patch kayaks all the time and the shape and size of it makes it so much easier and faster. We use to just buy a $10 cheapo from HarborFreight but they have small heads and are cheap. This is well worth the price.

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