iMeshbean Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Solar Powered Hood Mask TN08E2 Grinding with Replaceable Extra Lens ANSI Approved Eagle Design Color Blue Red Golden USA Seller-Red


Solar powered auto-darkening filter helmet.

Charges with exposure to welding or sunlight.

In full conformity with CE and ANSI Z87 standards.

Full range UV/IR protection up to shade DIN 16 all time.

Auto switching time: light to dark is 1/30,000 Seconds.

Darkness shade control (DIN) from 9-13;Clear shade 4.

Operation Temperature: -5 degrees C ~ 55 degrees C

Full face coverage;Viewing Area: 96mm x 48mm


Perfect for ARC, MAG, MIG, MMA, STICK & TIG welding,or PLASMA cutting

Fully automatic, lightning-fast reaction & recovery times

Adjustable shade control

Ratchet adjustable head-strap


1¡Á Welding Helmet

2¡Á Lens

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