MaxLLTo DC Power Splitter Adapter Cable, Female to Male ,Plug Power LED Strip Wire, DC Adapter Controller Power Cord, Also Powering Cameras – Black (1 to 3 way)

Product Name: 1Pcs DC Power Female to Male Splitter Adapter Cable for LED Strip Light/Cameras

Item specifics:
1.Color: Black
2.Condition: New
3.Length: 30cm/1FT
4.Materials: PVC Plastic
5.Suitable for: LED Strip Light/Cameras
6.Size: Female( Inner 6.2mm, Outter: 10.5mm);Male(Inner 2.1mm, Outter: 5.5mm)
7.Advantage: It's convenient and cost effective way to power up 2/3/4/5/6/8 cameras with 1 power adapter
8.Product main function: This DC Power Adapter Y Cable Pigtail splits 1 power signal into 2/3/4/5/6/8 and is useful for powering multiple cameras from one central adapter

Package include:
1Pcs DC Power Splitter Adapter Cable M F

It provides a simple solution for power connectivity

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