MIG WELDING GUN &TORCH 15′ 200A replacement HOBART H100S4-10 245926,H-14 231204 (ETA:7-10 WORK DAYS)

Please contact us if you need a welding gun with a teflon wire liner which can support Aluminum Mig welding Wire. Delivery Time:5-10 work days(US) MIG WELDING GUN &TORCH 15' 200A replacement for HOBART gun H100S4-10 245926,H-14 231 204 It can fit the following Hobart welders: Handler® 190, Handler® 210, and Handler® 120MVP Comes ready to feed .030"-.035" diameter welding wire. (DO NOT SUPPORT Aluminum MIG Welding Wire) Brass end Connection Style: HOBART Comes with: #770 402 Tip adapter, #770 404 nozzle & #196 139 liner. Additional consumables kits: Tips:.030"—-5 pcs,.035"—-5 pcs, Nozzle—- 1 pc Delivery Time: US: 5-10 work days

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