Mig/Tig Flow Meter Regulator, CO2 Argon Pressure Reducer Gauge Weld Flow meter – Full Copper For Argon Flow meters Regulators

Whether you are a welding beginner or a seasoned professional, you will surely enjoy using the Argon Regulator! The Brand New Argon and CO2 Regulator and Flow Meter coming with 10' FREE argon hose is ideal for your welder! This Sparc Regulator will help to get your job done! Look no further and find out the features listed below to learn why this regulator is perfect for you to use with your welder. Good perfermance and less expensive!

The features of Sparc welding regulator and hose set include:

Brand New Sparc Argon / CO2 regulator and flow meter, comes with 10 ft hose.All solid forged heavy duty brass construction to last.The flow column is viewable from all sides, and is made from a super durable polycarbonate material that is almost indestructable. Perfect for use with all types of MIG and TIG welders. It uses the standard CGA580 tank fitting that is compatible with Argon, Argon/CO2 mix, and Helium. A simple adapter will allow you to connect to a straight CO2 tank.It reads pressure in both PSI AND kPa. Easily monitor your gas tank/bottle pressure from 0 to 4000 psi. Easily adjust your gas flow rate with the built-in flow meter. The flow meter measures gas flow in liters per minute (l/min) up to 25 l/min. It fits all standard gas tanks/bottles. The inlet to the regulator features a sintered bronze filter to stop gas impurities from entering the regulator. The maximum inlet pressure is 4000psi, or 270 bar. It includes a 1/4" hose barb to connect the gas supply to your welder. (If you need to, you can easily change the hose barb to a different size, or adapt your hose to fit it.) Note: Some types of CO2 bottles may require an adapter.

SparcWELD,more detailed product information available at sparcweld dot com

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