Muggy Weld Super Alloy 5 Full Kit 1/16″

Super Alloy 5 brazes aluminum at half the melting point of aluminum, with any torch: oxyacetylene, MAPP gas, natural gas, oxy-MAPP, or propane (parent metal MUST reach 600 degrees to flow rod. Oxyacetylene is required for large masses or thick aluminum–if you're unsure which torch you need, please email us before purchasing). The resulting bond is stronger than the parent metal (30,000 psi) and can be bent, drilled, anodized, machined, plated, tapped or threaded. Super Alloy 5 can be used to TIG weld all types of aluminum, and is especially effective with cast aluminum applications. Cast aluminum is a porous metal and can be difficult to weld without the proper tools. Super Alloy 5's powder flux chemically cleans cast aluminum, removes oil and impurities, and enables the welder to TIG weld aluminum without porosity or pinholes (using an oxyacetylene torch). Super Alloy 5 makes easy work of aluminum boat repair (using an oxyacetylene torch). ****************************** Note: An oxyacetylene torch is required for aluminum boats, cast aluminum, large aluminum masses, or diamond plate aluminum. If you're using a torch that will not heat the parent metal to 600°F, you're not using the product as directed. If you have questions, please email prior to purchase, so we can direct you to the proper product and torch.********************©2017 MuggyWeld LLC – All rights reserved. Images and product descriptions on this page are copyrighted and may not be used under any circumstances without written permission from Muggy Weld.

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