NEWTRY TL-WELD Electric Thermocouple Welding machine Welder Thermocouples Butt Welder Temperature wire touch welder Temperature Line Welding Machine 90-220V

Usually the product should take about 6–13 business days to arrive your hand after your payment is confirmed

The processing of solder balls is often the key to measuring accuracy
Support external argon welding function

1.Current : AC
2. Dynamic Forms: High Frequency
3. Control mode: Manual
4. Drive Type: Foot
5. Type : Desktop
6. Usage: Metal magnetic welding
7. Action principle : Pulse
8. Pull-arc welding
9. Butt welding principle
10. Precision microelectronics
11. Volume: 280mm (L) X238mm (W) X90mm (H)
12. Weight: about 4.7Kg
13. Maximum welding thickness: 0.01-3.0mm

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