Nitrogen Regulator with 0-800 PSI Delivery Pressure, CGA580 Inlet Connection and 1/4-Inch Male Flare Outlet Connection Durable Brass Accurate and Dependable


You can count on this regulator to work whenever you need it to, no matter what task or test your job calls for! • Our Nitrogen Regulator is specifically designed to assist you with purging and testing air conditioning, refrigerator systems, and other HVAC systems with ease. With the ability to reliably regulate a Nitrogen flow with up to 800 psi of pressure.


• Easy to Read : Our gauges are designed to be easy to read, so that you can know at a glance where your pressure stands. Large and highly visible, the easy to read gauges will give you confidence in your readings.

• Solid and Reliable Connections :

This Nitrogen Regulator features a CGA580 inlet connection and 1/4-inch male flare outlet connection for versatile connect-ability. The large T style handle on the regulator ensures that you can offer smooth and accurate pressure delivery that is easily adjusted. Deliver the right amount of pressure every time with this easy to adjust handle.

• Durable and Strong :

Created with high quality brass, you can count on this nitrogen regulator to last a long time. Highly dependable, this Nitrogen Regulator will give the right and accurate reading every time all the time.

• Versatile Interface :

This Nitrogen Regulator gets the job done quickly and efficiently by interfacing with a wide range of universal adaptors and cylinders.

• Suitable for All Your Testing Needs :

Whether you're just purging HVAC systems or doing tests, this Nitrogen Regulator will fulfill all of your work needs.

WHAT WILL YOU GET? • (1) Nitrogen Regulator

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