Oxygen Acetylene Flashback Arrestor M16*1.5 For Pressure Reducer Regulator Plasma Cutting Machine

The regulator in the picture does not for sell, just to show the connection.
They are flashback arrestor for Acetylene and Oxygen regulator.
Protect you during the gas flame cutting progress.
To prevent the backfire of Acetylene or Oxygen gas back up into the equipment and causing damage or explosions.
Acetylene flashback Arrestor Details:
1. Pmax=0.2Mpa
2. Max 6 Cubic meters/h
3. Inlet/outlet thread: M16*1.5
Oxygen flashback Arrestor Details:
1. Pmax=1.5Mpa
2. Max 60 Cubic meters/h
3. Inlet/outlet thread: M16*1.5
Package including:
1pc Acetylene flashback Arrestor
1pc Oxygen flashback Arrestor

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