Oxygen Hydrogen Water Welder Flame Generator Polisher Polishing Machine 75-80L (AC-110±10V, Single Gun)

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Oxyhydrogen flame generator (water electrolyzed oxygen & hydrogen flame generator) is a hydrogen energy hi-tech product.
Total Volume: 4000ml.
Flame Strength: Continuously for 1 C = 0.5 mm fire nozzle, or 2 B = 0.4 mm, 2 A = 0.3 mm.
Oxyhydrogen Gas Made About 75-80L/hour
Water consumption: about 50ml/hour, need to add water about every 6-8 hours.
Work Environment 0-50°C, biggish room or well ventilated.
Electrolytic Cell Double cell body, 3 +3 layers.
Special stainless still.
Digital Ammeter If indicating 50-60A, machine is working well to make oxhydrogen gas.
Pressure Auto-control Pressure high than 0.15mpa switch off; low than 0.09mpa switch on.
Gas Barometer Low than 0.15mpa is right and safe; Oil inside for shockproof.
Torch & Nozzles 1 torch with red copper nozzle A, B, C, D & pinhole.
Electrolyte (alkali)
Must to add electrolyte at the first time of use. 500g electrolyte-powder mixed 2500ml water in a ovenproof plastic container. Change electrolyte when dirty or losing efficacy. 2 offlets in the bottom for changing.
Consumed Fuel Water. Only water, do not add electrolyte again. When the water level is lower than M line, please stop machine for adding water to near high line.
From best to ordinary are: distilled water, purified water, cold boiled water, controlled water. Clean water is ok, but do not use mineral water.

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