SMITH JEWELRY TORCH OUTFIT – “THE LITTLE TORCH” – 23-1003B w/ regulators – Oxyacetylene Torches –

Packaged in display box as shown ("B" hose connections fuel 9/16"-18-LH, Oxygen 9/16"-18-RH). Includes regulator fitted for acetylene B cylinders (40CF). 30-15-520 fuel regulator, 30-20-540 oxygen regulator, check valves, 8' covered hoses and instruction manual. Smith Equipment's Little Torch welds an unlimited range of materials, brazes and solders the tiniest elements with ease, yet produces enough heat to weld steel up to 1/8" thick or melt 3 oz. of silver. Features Infinite Control – Weighing only 1.5 ounces, The Little TorchTM is easily maneuvered in areas impossible to reach with conventional torches. Variety of Flame Settings and Sizes – Produces a perfectly controlled, stable flame hot enough to melt commercially weldable metals, glass and ceramics with thread-thin flames up to 6000° F. Unmatched Flexibility – Works with any commercially used fuel gas, and strong, flexible hoses connect to any standard pressure regulator. Exclusive Heating Tips – Multi-orifice tips for heating or melting up to 3 oz. of metal.

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