Thegood88 Victor Type Gas Welding & Cutting Kit Oxygen Torch Acetylene Welder Tool Case TG0278

*Precision welding, cutting, brazing, soldering, hand facing and more! It'll cut up to 6" and weld or braze up to 1 / 2 " with appropriate tips
*High-capacity Oxygen and Acetylene regulators, with a full 2 1/2" diam. for optimal performance
*Deluxe single stage regulators with reverse flow check valves, brass torch handle and brass valve body for maximum strength and durability
*Precision torch handle with dual check valves, cutting attachment and cutting tip (size No. 0)
*Victory type tip
*3 welding nozzles (size No. 0, No. 2, No. 4), all with a swaged tip and individual spiral mixer
*Flint striker tool and goggles with a No. 5 shade
*15' welding hose, tip cleaning tools
*The whole Kit is constructed of stainless steel and brass for durability
*Perfect for an Amateur Metalworker or a Seasoned Professional
*All-brass torch handle and check valves
*Brass and steel cutting torch attachment
*Brass and copper welding/heating tip

Material: Brass Torch, Poly Carrier
Nozzle size(s): #0 Cutting / #0, #2, #4 Welding
Hose Length: 15-Feet
Cutting Capacity: 1/2"
Welding Capacity: 3/16"
Oxygen Regulator: CGA 540
Acetylene Regulator: CGA 540

Package Contents:
Torch Handle
Oxygen Regulator Acetylene Regulator
Cutting Attachment
Cutting Nozzle
Welding Nozzles
Twin Hose 15' x 1/4" Welding Hose
Tip Cleaner
Spark Lighter
Carrying Case

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