Ultra-lightweight hose for Meco N Midget oxy-fuel torch

This Ultra-light super-flexible hose is T-grade and rated for all fuel gases. Size "A" brass fittings with red and black strain-relief tubing on all four ends. One pair of brass male "A" – female "B" sized adapters (shown) are included to adapt this hose to all American-type regulators having "B" sized male hose threads. This hose will flow enough oxy-fuel gas to supply the Meco N Midget using the largest (#7) tip. * Please note the following: Size "A" fittings are common on all US-made small welding torches manufactured by Meco, Victor, Smith, Harris, Purox, Airco, etc. Not recommended for cutting torches as the gas flow is not sufficient. For extra length please use a standard T-grade welding hose from the regulators to the ULW hose for the gas supply length needed, as this is a "leader hose" for the 9 foot distance only. Oxy-fuel hoses have a life span of roughly 10 years, at which time they lose their soft pliability and become stiff or brittle and subject to cracking. Please replace any old hoses that show these signs of excessive age.

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