Uniweld RUH8213PT Medium Duty Single Stage Carbon Dioxide Regulator with CGA320 Inlet For Pneumatic Tools

The Unwieldy RUH8213PT is a special purpose single stage carbon dioxide regulator for use with pneumatic tools. It comes with a machined brass body, polished chrome bonnet, and easy to read single scale, 2 inch, 0-3000 PSI Contents Gauge (Part No. G3S) and 0-200 PSI Delivery Gauge (Part No. G4S). This regulator has a CGA320 inlet connection and a 1/4 inch NPT (F) outlet connection with a delivery pressure of 5-125 PSI. Product also includes an externally serviceable pressure relief device (PRD) which protects the regulator. The PRD is not designed to protect the downstream equipment. Unwieldy single stage regulators are used for general purpose applications where nominal delivery pressure changes (due to decreasing cylinder pressure) do not affect operations. Single stage regulators also have greater flow capacity than two stage models. Made in U.S.A.

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