Victor 0781-3775 Professional Two Stage Flow Meter

Victor offers a range of products for the delivery of shielding gas in the arc welding process or any application where gas flow rates, versus delivery pressure, are the primary consideration. These products are available for pure or mixed gases and for working with either high pressure cylinders or low pressure "piped shop" environments. All Victor flow meters are back pressure compensated to ensure accurate readings at all times, even if line restrictions are present. All flow meters are calibrated to operate at 25 PSIG inlet pressure to minimize surge, except the FM 200 which is calibrated to operate at 80 PSIG. Recommended for applications where slight delivery pressure increases (due to decreasing cylinder pressures) would not affect the performance characteristics of the work or test results. The HVTS two stage regulator/flowmeter combination series is a compact unit for the accurate regulation and measurement of gas flow.

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