Victor 0781-5116 ESS3 Medium Capacity EDGE Series Inert Nitrogen/Argon/Helium Regulator

The Victor 0781-5116 ESS3 Medium Capacity EDGE Series Inert Nitrogen/Argon/Helium Regulator is a medium-capacity, single-stage design regulator with the following safety and design benefits: Forged brass body Zinc-Aluminum housing cap High impact ABS gauge guard Stem-type seat mechanism External self reseating relief valve in high pressure models Sintered inlet filter – nickel-plated bronze Color-Coded knobs for at-a-glance gas identification More natural and safer hand/body position while adjusting delivery pressure Unique configuration protects all elements critical to system integrity Highest resistance to Oxygen-related fires in the industry Better flow control across a full range of cylinder pressures SLAM Technology protects regulator vitals in the event of an accident by absorbing the impact using a 3-stage crumple zone in the adjusting knob Internal vent system protects regulator from water run-off in outdoor use Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3000 PSIG Delivery Range: 5 – 125 PSIG Gauge Range Inlet: 4000 PSIG Gauge Range Outlet: 200 PSIG CGA Fitting: 580 Outlet Connection: 5/8" – 18 M LH Flow Coefficient (Cu): 0.141 Meets or exceeds CGA E-4, UL 252 and ASTM G-175 Promoted Ignition Test With the Victor Professional EDGE Series Regulators, Victor continues to offer the safest, most reliable and highest quality gas control technology, giving you more value for your purchase. In addition, standardized designs and components throughout the EDGE family greatly simplify regulator service and repair. All Victor EDGE Regulators are easy to use. The EDGE Series regulators have easy-to-read gauges with enhanced graphics, color-coded knobs for quick gas identification and more natural and safer hand/body positioning for adjusting delivery pressure. The advanced design makes them some of the most compact and durable industrial regulators available on the market.

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