Victor Technologies 0311-0678 Professional Replacement Tip End, Type TEMF, Size – 8

Type TEMF, Replaceable Tip End. All Fuel Gas use, except acetylene. Victor offers a complete range of Tips with a size for every application including: Brazing, soldering, heating, etc. NOZZLES DESIGNED FOR “OPTIMUM” PERFORMANCE. Each complete nozzle has its own built-in spiral mixer, individually designed for each tip size and flame characteristic. Each nozzle is individually swaged to insure proper alignment for uniform flame, sizing and free-flow contour. ORIFICE SIZES ARE COMMON FOR ALL SERIES Regardless of nozzle series (W, W-1, W-J), flame characteristic or fuel gas used. The uniformity of orifice sizes simplifies nozzle selection, eliminates chances of ordering and wrong size when changing from one type of nozzle to another.

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