Victor Technologies 0781-2728 HRF-2480 Medium Duty Flow Meter Cylinder Argon/Carbon Dioxide Mix Regulator, 7.5-37.5 SCFH Flow Range, CGA 320/580 Inlet Connection

HRF 2400 series regulator/flowmeter combination are specially designed for MIG, TIG, and other inert gas welding applications. Regulator / flow meter combination in one compact unit. MIG / TIG applications. Ideal for all applications where dependability is needed. Calibrated tube at 25 psig (not on HRF 2480). Machined brass body & housing cap. Back pressure compensated. Fabric reinforced neoprene diaphragm. Internal self reseating relief valve – not designed to protect downstream equipment. Sintered inlet filter – bronze. Cover tube contains overpressure protection.

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