Warrior 3/32″x6″ TIG Tungsten Electrode WT20 Red 3-PK 2.4mmx150mm

Tungsten Type: WT20 2% Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes
Tungsten Size: 3/32"x6" 2.4mmx150mm
Tungsten Color: Red Tip
Tungsten Surface: Ground Finish Surface
Suitable Welding Materials: Stainless Steel Welding, Carbon Steel and Low Carbon Steel etc.
Suitable Current:Straight Polarity 150-250Amps
Reverse Polarity 15-30Amps
Unbalanced Wave 140-235Amps
Balanced Wave 100-180Amps
Package Including: 3PCS WT20 Tungsten electrodes 2.4*150mm

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