WeldingCity 10-pcs Titanium TIG Welding Rod ERTi-5 (Grade-5) 1/16″ x 36″ 10-pk

10-pcs premium quality Titanium ERTi-5 (Grade-5) CP-Ti Commercial Pure TIG Welding Rods. Rod diameter 1/16" (1.6mm), rod length 36" (914mm). AWS Spec. A5.16, Class ERTi-5. Acid-pickled surface to fully remove contaminants. ERTi-5 (Grade 5), commonly called "6-4", is used in aircraft components such as landing gear, wing spars, and compressor blades. Its corrosion resistance is generally comparable to Grade 2 and it is often used in corrosion service where higher strength is required, particularly in shafts, high strength bolting, and keys. Also its high strength, ability to be heat treated, weldability, excellent fatigue strength, and hardness make this alloy excellent for industrial fans, pressure vessels, aircraft components, compressor blades, and automotive and jet engine parts.

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