Yaetek Argon CO2 Mig Tig Flow meter Welding Weld Regulator Gauge Gas Welder

1. Economy style flow meter regulator.
2. Single stage piston design.
3. Machined brass body.
4. Combination of regulator and flow meter as one unit.
5. Poly carbonate flow tube and outer cover are impact resistant for maximum durability.
6. Compact lightweight construction.
7. Dual scale gauge with unbreakable poly carbonate lens for durability.
8.Flow Meters are more accurate than the flow gauge regulators. The pressure gauge which shows how much gas is left in the tank goes from 0 to 3500 psi.
9.The output flow is adjustable from 0- to 25 lpm, and is indicated by a ball which moves up and down in the flow tube, so this flow meter will handle MIG and TIG welding both steel and aluminum.
10.The fitting is a CGA-580 fitting, so it fits all argon, helium, nitrogen, and argon/CO2 mixed gas tanks
11.the outlet will fit both the female 9/16" – 18 nut or the male 9/16" – 18 fitting,it comes with a standard 1/4" barbed fitting

Color: Transparent + Golden
Material:PC + Copper
Volume Range: 0-25 LPM (kgf/c㎡)
Pressure Range: 0-3500 PSI
kgf/c㎡ Range: 0-250 kgf/c㎡

Package List:
1 * Pressure Reducer

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