YHG MIG 140 Wire-Feed MIG Welder-115V Welding Machine W/Free Gloves

Product description:
Interested in welding? Or ready to try your hand at welding? This MIG 140 welder will enable you to obtain a profession finish in welding. Featuring compact, portable and lightweight welder is user friendly, which is easy to get started since practically everything has ready in welding process. Its portability allows you to take it anywhere and very simple to setup and use, runs flux core steel, solid and aluminum wire. Ideal for the welder who wants to work on auto body, household repairs what requiring extra power.
SKU: 54100030
Material: Steel frame & plastic handle
Product Size: 14.17''*9.6''*17.1''
Output Current: 25-140amp 90amp@35%
Input Voltage: AC 115V
Product Type: Transformer
Product Weight: 48lbs
Package Content:
Welding wire
Grounding clamp
Welding gun
Gas meter
2 Electrodes
Wire feed roll

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