Zeny® 3in1 SMD DC Power Supply Hot Air Iron Gun Rework Soldering Station Welder 853D

6 Gifts:
4 Nozzles (Ø5mm, Ø7mm, Ø10mm, Ø12mm, )for versatile applications
1 DC Probe Cable for testing conveniently
1 IC Extractor for ease using an extraction operation
1 Sponge to wipe the soldering tips at times
1 De soldering Wick CP-2015F for perfect joint
11pcs of Iron tips (900M-T-B, 3C, 2.4D, 1.2D, K, 3.2D, 2C, 1.6D, 4C,Two 900M-T-I)
Package Includes:
1x 3in1 Soldering Station Unit
1x Hot Air Gun
1x Hot Iron
1x DC Probe Cable
1x Metal Stand
1x Holder
1x IC Extractor
1x Sponge
4x Nozzles
1x Desoldering Wick
11x Iron tips
1x Manual

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